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The use frequency of each letter in the english language decides this 90 card deck. With Poka you can play not only all the proposed games, it is a versatile enough deck of cards that invites the players to invent new and unique ways to use it.

Poka is a physical deck of cards that strives to be a tool for thought and relaxation, a toy for kids, and a generic deck of cards for adults to play with. This cards are used to create games that hopefully have meaning for the players.

It is attractitve to all ages, and gets along with all cultures. The colors and letters mix, help our minds behave in a more creative manner. As the minutes go by the chemistry of the brain changes, allowing deeper and deeper neurons to wake up and do their thing.

The words we will come up with, in a way, speak of ourselves. It is wrong to generalize a chance game and attach it to the player in particular, but you will find that even though fallacious, it can be fun and lead to interesting discoveries.

Children of all ages find if enjoyable and inviting to use again and again. For adults, the extra benefit of relaxing the mind and waking the artistic side of our personality is a plus. Just like taking a short nap, a shower or a meditation session, Poka gives the mind a chance to unplug, when the waters break, and the ideas flow.

The big difference between Poka and traditional procrastination as a relaxation tool, is that the gaming session with Poka is controlled by your own physical and mental needs. The same way you eat when hungry and stop when full, you grab the deck to play when stressed, and put it aside when relaxed. Your own mind will remind you about the importance of what you have to do and put it way up in the list, making you drop the deck and stop. On the other hand, social media never stops, and you get dragged with it.

As with any other habit, the more you use it, the more our minds become accustomed to it, starting to have an effect even before handling the cards for our game break. Magic starts to happen.

But don't bypass the playing and go stright to work again thinking that the break is not necessary. You may fool the mind once or twice, but eventually the brain will complaint.

Poka design is quite universal. Is unlikely it will offend people's cultural and religious customs.

Cheer up your days

Why a new deck of cards?

Because even though traditional decks are awsome and hundreds of games can be played with them, they all come from times past, and they don't quite fit our present. When you play with Poka, you are hopefully trying to understand life and not just a kingdom.


It is appealing whether you are 4, 20 or 80, analitical or artsy.
Do you need to relax and take a break?
Do you have 10 square centimetres of room in your pocket or bag?
If so, then you have a game that needs no sign up (less stress), no charging (less stress), and will appeal to everyone.

One Reality card

The star card. The card that takes care of the jobs nobody want to do. Death, darkness, unfiltered truth. This card acknowledges life has a dark side, but this dark side do has a purpose.






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